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Mini Floorstand with Long Arm for Bed Use

Mini Floorstand with Long Arm for Bed Use
Mini Floorstand with Long Arm for Bed Use
Mini Floorstand with Long Arm for Bed Use
Mini Floorstand with Long Arm for Bed Use
Mini Floorstand with Long Arm for Bed Use
Mini Floorstand with Long Arm for Bed Use
Mini Floorstand with Long Arm for Bed Use
Mini Floorstand with Long Arm for Bed Use
Mini Floorstand with Long Arm for Bed Use

This version of the Mini Floorstand features a longer adjustable arm, allowing a smaller device (up to 2kg) to be positioned over a bed. The small footprint base, designed and manufactured by Mounts and More, will fit under the side of any bed with a clearance of 3.125" (8cm).

Please note: This long arm version is intended to give extra reach over the side of a bed. For direct access use with a wheelchair we recommend the Short Adjustable Arm or Fixed 8" Arm versions, which are more suitable for most situations.

Device Attachment
This model features a longer adjustable arm to position a device over a bed within reach of the user. With a fixed connection to the upright post and two articulating ball joints, this arm can position a device at the precise angle an individual user needs. This combination of joints was also chosen with safety in mind; the arm will intentionally not support heavier devices above 2.2kg.

Small Footprint Base

The base measures 20" long by 15" wide (51cm by 38cm) with a height of 3.125" (8cm) and has been designed to fit under the foot rests and between the wheels of most wheelchairs. This compact base size not only takes up less floor space when in use than traditional floor stands but is also easier to store, with an inbuilt hand hold making it easy to carry with the post removed. With safety in mind, the locking wheels are red and the wheel support brackets have a clear anodised finish for visibility.

Upright Post: Height Adjustment built in, option for Removable Adaptor or Fixed Post
This floor stand includes a Daessy Medium Rolling Mount Post which gives height adjustment from 34.5" to 54.5" (87.5cm to 138cm). The floor stand is supplied as standard with a releasable adaptor for connecting the upright post to the base, this new design enabling the post to be securely attached or removed in a matter of seconds. If the removable adaptor is not required, a fixed post option is available with the upright post bolted to the base.

Carry Bags Available
A new carry bag has been custom designed for the Mini Floor Stand Base. In combination with a mount carry bag for the upright post, these will protect the floor stand during transport or in storage. The pair of bags also make transport simple, particularly useful if the mount will be used in more than one location or taken out for assessments.


  • Compact base size: 20" x 15" (51cm x 38cm).
  • Ground clearance of 9mm (between ground and underneath of base).
  • 3.125" (8cm) Base height, from the ground to the top of the wheel supports.
  • Base weight of 10kg.
  • Maximum supported device weight: 2kg.
  • Daessy Medium Rolling Mount Post gives height adjustment from 34.5" to 54.5" (87.5cm to 138cm) - the height being the position of the quick release base above the ground.
  • Supplied as standard with Removable Adaptor to quickly attach or remove the upright post. Can be supplied with manual bolt fixing if preferred.
  • Long arm with two adjustable ball joints to position a smaller device over a bed for direct access.
  • Carry bags available.

Note: Devices shown in the pictures are for illustration only and are not included with the floor stand.

Product Overview
Product Type Floor Stand
Product Details
Max Weight Support 2.0kg
Height Adjustment Yes
Device Support
Tablets / Small Devices 1.6 - 2.0 kg Yes
Tablets / Small Devices 1.0 - 1.5 kg Yes
Tablets / Small Devices up to 1.0 kg Yes
Ex Tax: £735.00
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: MINF-LA

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