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3/4" LiteMount Hirth Clamp (Threaded Insert)

3/4" LiteMount Hirth Clamp (Threaded Insert)
3/4" LiteMount Hirth Clamp (Threaded Insert)

The insert half of an Indexing LiteMount Joint, this clamps onto 3/4" tube. The indexing/hirth "teeth" connect to the teeth of a non-insert clamp for the next length of tube. It is labelled the 'insert' clamp as it contains the inner thread for the bolt running through both joint clamps to be tightened into.

This Insert 'half' of an Indexing Joint itself consists of two parts to form the clamp around the tube.

Product Overview
Product Type LiteMount Joint
Product Details
LiteMount Component Yes
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  • Model: ITC075-IN
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