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Combination LiteMount for Switches

Combination LiteMount for Switches
Combination LiteMount for Switches

3-Length LiteMount combining an Indexing clamp as the first joint for extra strength and two articulating joints for adjustability higher up. The ball joints are adjusted via allen key as standard, with a 2-handle kit an optional extra. This version is suitable for switches.

  • Suitable for switches.
  • Mount includes 3 tubes with an overall tube length of 28" as standard (14", 8"and 6"). Other lengths available on request.
  • 1x Indexing Clamp for the first joint. 2x Articulating ball joints for the two higher joints.

Optional End-Fittings
End fitting can be swapped out to use the LiteMount for another purpose.

Please Note: Due to the need to ensure Frame Clamp compatibility, the LiteMount is only available for purchase via direct contact.

Product Overview
Product Type Wheelchair Mount
Mount Series LiteMount
Product Details
Max Weight Support 2.0kg
Frame Clamp Assembly Lockable
Device Support
Switches (BB / JB) Yes
Ex Tax: £342.00
  • Model: LM-C/SW

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