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LM Frame Clamp Outer Parts

Brand: Daessy Model: LMCQ-R
LiteMount Outer Piece / Receiver...
Ex Tax:£50.00
Brand: Daessy Model: LMCQ-I
LiteMount Outer Connector / Insert...
Ex Tax:£45.00
Brand: Daessy Model: LMCQ
LiteMount Outer Assembly, complete with both LMCQ-R (Receiver) and LMCQ-I (Insert)...
Ex Tax:£95.00
Brand: Daessy Model: LMCQ01
Complete LiteMount Frame Clamp Assembly for 1" round tube, with both LMCQ-R (Receiver) and LMCQ-I (Insert) in addition to the ITC1000-IN frame clamp inner piece...
Ex Tax:£122.00
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