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M-Series Mount-Specific Components

Brand: Daessy Model: M75T90A
A "T" shape connector for the M-Series Rigid Mount (M75-RM) enabling two 3/4" tubes to be connected to each other at a 90 degree angle. The M75T90A allows the end of one tube to be connected anywhere along the length of the other...
Ex Tax:£56.00
Brand: Daessy Model: M75FJ
Complete Side Folding Mechanism (with 2 Tube Mounts) for M-Series Side Folding Mount (M75-FM). Compatible with 3/4" tubes.Tube not included (shown on image for reference only)..
Ex Tax:£275.00
Brand: Daessy Model: M75AHC12
This clamp and 12" tube form the lower/outer upright section of the M-Series Adjustable Mount (M75-AM). The handle can be turned to unlock the next length of 3/4" tube for height adjustment and then locked when in the required position...
Ex Tax:£112.00
Brand: Daessy Model: M75AHLC
Height Adjustment Limit Collar for M-Series Adjustable Mount (M75-AM)...
Ex Tax:£63.00
Brand: Daessy Model: M75PPJ
Push-Pull Joint/Mechanism for M-Series Push-Pull Mount (M75-PPM). Also known by the code M75LSJ...
Ex Tax:£252.00
Brand: Daessy Model: M75TM
Tube Mount for 3/4" M-Series tube...
Ex Tax:£54.00
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