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Choosing a Mount

The exact mount you need will depend on various factors including (but not limited to) your wheelchair, the device to be mounted and user positioning requirements. As such we recommend contacting us to discuss your needs in detail and find the best solution. This page serves as an overview of the mounts we offer, providing some general guidelines and information on the difference between each if you are not familiar with our range of wheelchair mounts.

Standard Series Mounts
Robust wheelchair mounts, suitable for all devices up to 8kg. Consider these for most Eyegaze requirements, larger/heavier devices and where the toughest mount is needed. The mounts are modular and within reason can be assembled to suit individual user requirements with different lengths of tube available and components that allow different angles to be achieved.

Standard Series Mounts are available in different versions to offer a range of functionality, including:

  • Folding to the side of the chair.
  • Folding behind the chair.
  • Allowing the user to swing the mount away.
  • Height adjustment.

M-Series Mounts
Lighter, sleeker versions of the Standard Series designs, developed to hold mid sized devices up to 4kg. As with Standard Series the mounts are modular and within reason can be assembled to suit individual user requirements.

M-Series Mounts feature many of the same functions as Standard Series Mounts.

Lite Mounts

A range of highly adjustable lightweight mounts for devices up to 2kg (Indexing version) or 1.5kg (Articulating version). These are particularly suitable for most iPads/Tablets and other small devices such as switches and compact cameras. These mounts are also modular and within reason can be assembled to suit individual user requirements.

Manfrotto Arm Mounts
Useful as a low-price solution for smaller devices but more limited than Lite Mounts as they are not modular and require a convenient place to attach to in order to position the device where required.


In general, wheelchairs made from materials such as titanium and carbon fibre are not suitable for use with wheelchair mounts due to the construction of their frames. Great care should also be taken on lightweight aluminium wheelchairs. Buggies and pushchairs are also not suitable for use with wheelchair mounts for stability reasons.

Wheelchair mounts are not designed to be safe for use during transport; mounts should be removed and stowed in transport. In the case of the Locking Rear Folding Mount the device should be removed and the mount folded securely behind the seat during transport.

If you are at all unsure about which choice to make or if it seems that there could be particular issues with a mount onto your wheelchair, please contact us to discuss the options. It would be helpful if you could email photographs to us showing the wheelchair, and many people have found it helpful to take a photograph with an item (eg. a book) held in the position that a device is needed to be mounted.

Any photographs and questions can be sent to, we can then give you more detailed advice and hopefully suggest a solution.

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