M-Series Bent Pole Mount

M-Series Bent Pole Mount
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A basic and cost effective one-piece mount, the M-Series Bent Pole Mount is available with a choice of 2 different sized right angle tubes and uses the MQR75 quick release base. As with all M-Series mounts the frame clamp is supplied with a locking mechanism as standard.

FOP/RFCR: M-Series Locking Clamp Assembly



  • Basic, single "bent pole" version of the rigid mount.
  • Choice of 28”x18” or 24”x14” tubes.
  • Supplied with MQR75 Quick-release Base only, fully compatible with Daessy device holder plates.
  • Supplied with locking mechanism on Frame Clamp, making it suitable for chairs with tilting seat systems.
  • Fits either side of the wheelchair.
  • Suitable for most standard wheelchairs.
  • Quickly removed from the wheelchair.
  • Suitable for devices up to 2.5kg.


  • 1x Frame Clamp Inner Piece (To fit specific wheelchair; standard is UFC1000IP with sleeves to fit 1" or 7/8" round frame)
  • 1x Frame Clamp Receiver (RFCR)
  • 1x Frame Clamp Insert (FOP)
  • 1x Right Angled Tube (M75RT28-18 as standard, M75RT24-14 is also available)
  • 1x Quick Release Base (MQR75 as standard)

* Components listed above are for standard configuration. Exact components may differ slightly to meet specific requirements.

Wheelchair Information and Custom Requirements

We ask for details of the Wheelchair the mount is intended to be used with in order to ensure that the supplied Frame Clamp is correct for that chair.

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss custom requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.