M-Series Push-Pull Mount

M-Series Push-Pull Mount
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The Push-Pull Mount is designed to give flexibility and independence to users who can move a mount out of the way unaided.  Depending on the orientation that the adaptor is attached to the upright tube it can be used either to allow the mount to be pushed away (when it can be swung up to 270 deg in 7 stop positions of 45 deg. each) or pulled away when it is envisaged that only 3 of the stop positions will be used.

The amount of force required to push or pull the mount from a stop position is around 1.3kg (measured on the end of a 14”/35cm tube).

Note: Devices shown in pictures are for illustration only and are not included with the mount. Information on the Allora 2 can be found here.

M-Series Push-Pull mechanism in action.
FOP/RFCR: M-Series Locking Clamp Assembly.


  • 1x Frame Clamp Inner Piece (To fit specific wheelchair; standard is UFC1000IP with sleeves to fit 1" or 7/8" round frame)
  • 1x Offset Link (O3L)
  • 1x Frame Clamp Outer Piece Receiver (RFCR)
  • 1x Frame Clamp Outer Connector (M75FOP)
  • 1x Upright S-Bent Tube (M75S22-3 as standard)
  • 1x Push-Pull Joint (M75LSJ)
  • 1x Horizontal Straight Tube (M75STR16 as standard for Push Aside, M75STR14 for Pull Aside)
  • 1x Quick Release Base (MQR75 as standard)

* Components listed above are for standard configuration. Exact components may differ slightly to meet specific requirements.

Wheelchair Information and Custom Requirements

We ask for details of the Wheelchair the mount is intended to be used with in order to ensure that the supplied Frame Clamp is correct for that chair.

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss custom requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.