Frame Clamp Components for Lite Mounts

Frame Clamp Components for Lite Mounts

Frame Clamp Assemblies for Lite Mounts consist of several components:

1. A Frame Clamp Inner Piece attaches directly to the wheelchair, either around the frame or being bolted to the side. We have a wide range of Inner Pieces to fit many different models of wheelchair and sizes/shapes of frame. The Lite Mount has its own clamp but it is also possible to use an adaptor to attach a Lite Mount to various Standard Series Frame Clamp Inner Pieces if the Lite Clamp will not fit your wheelchair.

2. If required to create more room a Link or Spacer might be attached to the Inner Piece. This is not always required but in some cases may be necessary to navigate around obstructions, or for more precise positioning.

3. The Frame Clamp Outer Piece attaches to the Inner Piece, or to the Link or Spacer if one is used. This provides the outer component of the Frame Clamp Assembly and is the receiver for the mount itself to connect into.

4. An Outer Connector completes the Frame Clamp Assembly, being attached to the lower end of the mount's upright tube and locking into the Outer Piece when using the mount on a chair.