Articulating Rolling Mount

Articulating Rolling Mount
Articulating Rolling Mount Articulating Rolling Mount
Product Code: AROM
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* Take-Apart Adaptors:

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Floor-Standing Mount designed to fit around a wheelchair or under a bed, with Articulating horizontal arm. The AROM is available with a choice of Articulating Quick Release Base and can be supplied with different width and height:

Width Options

  • 32" Base Width: The default size, suitable for most wheelchairs.
  • 36" Base Width: A wider option if required to fit around a wider chair.
  • 24" Base Width: A narrow option if required for smaller childrens chairs. Not recommended with Tall height option.

Height Options

  • Short Upright Post: May be more suited for children in smaller chairs. 28" - 45" height adjustment (71cm - 114cm).
  • Medium Upright Post: Covers most of the height range. 34" - 54" height adjustment (85cm - 135cm).
  • Tall Upright Post: Suitable for most wheelchairs and where extra height is needed. 38" - 58" height adjustment (97cm - 147cm).

Take-Apart Adaptors
Rolling Mounts are available with optional take-apart adaptors to help assemble or disassemble the mount.

  • None: Assembly with bolts and allen key.
  • Removable Post: Upright post with quick attachment adaptor, Base assembly with bolts and allen key.
  • Full Take-Apart Kit: Adaptors to quickly attach the Upright post and assemble the Base. The full take-apart base lowers the supported device weight to 4kg.


  • Ideal for assessing users with different devices.

  • A solution for AAC Devices and Laptops where it is not possible or safe to attach a mount to a wheelchair.

  • Can be used as an over bed mount.

  • The Offset base has the cross-member positioned at the front of the frame, enabling wheelchair users to get close to the mount and access a device.

  • Low-profile base with 2" locking casters roll under furniture with 3.5" clearance.

  • Available with 24”, 32” or 36” wide base with height adjustment between 28” - 40”(70cm - 100cm) and a 20” (50cm) horizontal tube

  • 32” and 36” base also available in Tall version with height adjustment between 38” - 58” (96cm -147cm) and a 20” (50cm) horizontal tube

  • Available with choice of Articulating Quick Release Base to customer preference. If no other is specified, supplied with an AQRL87 (Large face, no handles) which is factored into the base price of the mount.