Standard Rolling Mount

Standard Rolling Mount
Standard Rolling Mount Standard Rolling Mount
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Available Options

* Quick Release Base / End Fitting:

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* Take-Apart Adaptors:

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Floor-Standing Mount with Standard horizontal arm. The ROM is available with a choice of Quick Release Base and can be supplied with different width and height:

Width Options

  • 32" Base Width: The default size, suitable for most wheelchairs.
  • 36" Base Width: A wider option if required to fit around a wider chair.
  • 24" Base Width: A narrow option if required for smaller childrens chairs. Not recommended with Tall height option.

Height Options

  • Short Upright Post: May be more suited for children in smaller chairs. 28" - 45" height adjustment (71cm - 114cm).
  • Medium Upright Post: Covers most of the height range. 34" - 54" height adjustment (85cm - 135cm).
  • Tall Upright Post: Suitable for most wheelchairs and where extra height is needed. 38" - 58" height adjustment (97cm - 147cm).

Take-Apart Adaptors
Rolling Mounts are available with optional take-apart adaptors to help assemble or disassemble the mount.

  • None: Assembly with bolts and allen key.
  • Removable Post: Upright post with quick attachment adaptor, Base assembly with bolts and allen key.
  • Full Take-Apart Kit: Adaptors to quickly attach the Upright post and assemble the Base. The full take-apart base lowers the supported device weight to 4kg.


  • Useful for assessing users with different devices.

  • A solution for AAC Devices and Laptops where it is not possible or safe to attach a mount to a wheelchair.

  • Can be used as an over bed mount.

  • The Offset base has the cross-member positioned at the front of the frame, enabling wheelchair users to get close to the mount and access a device.

  • Low-profile base with 2" locking casters roll under furniture with 3.5" clearance.

  • Available with 24”, 32” or 36” wide base with height adjustment between 28” - 40”(70cm - 100cm) and a 20” (50cm) horizontal tube

  • 32” and 36” base also available in Tall version with height adjustment between 38” - 58” (96cm -147cm) and a 20” (50cm) horizontal tube

  • Available with choice of Quick Release Base to customer preference. If no other is specified, supplied with USBF as default (included in base price).