We now have two ranges of floor stands available.

1. The NEW Mini Floorstand has a smaller base designed and manufactured by Mounts and More, able to fit under most wheelchair footrests and between most front wheels. Combined with Daessy height adjustable posts, these new floor stands have two versions available:

  • Mini Floorstand with Short Arm will support direct access devices up to 2kg.
  • Mini Floorstand for Eyegaze will support Eyegaze devices up to 4kg.

2. The original Daessy Rolling Mounts are designed to fit around a wheelchair or underneath a bed. Available with either a straight horizontal arm or an articulating arm with a ball joint for enhanced positioning, all Rolling Mounts feature height adjustment. Each version is available with different height and width options. Daessy Rolling Mounts will support devices up to 7kg.

Additional components such as Holder Plates to attach devices to the mounts can be found in the Components section.

Please click on the individual products below to see full details for each.

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Mini Floorstand for Eyegaze
MINF-PA: A new small footprint floor stand intended for wheelchair users with Eyegaze devices (up..
Ex VAT: £570.00
Mini Floorstand with Short Arm
MINF-SA: This new floor stand has been built with a small footprint base. The base, designed and ..
Ex VAT: £575.00
Standard Rolling Mount
ROM: Floor-Standing Mount with Standard horizontal arm. The ROM is available with a choice of Qui..
Ex VAT: £460.00
Articulating Rolling Mount
AROM: Floor-Standing Mount designed to fit around a wheelchair or under a bed, with Articulating ..
Ex VAT: £530.00
Take-Apart Adaptors for Rolling Mounts
RMRA: This kit includes the 3 lockable adaptors needed to convert the base of an existing Daessy ..
Ex VAT: £235.00