The range of Daessy Desk Mounts provides stable solutions for using devices on a desk, while retaining the ability to position the device at the same angle as when attached to a wheelchair.

Several variants are available, including the Vertical Desk Stand for larger devices and higher positioning and the Folding Desk Stand designed to make transportation and storage easier. Most Desk Mounts can be supplied with a choice of Quick Release Base to further increase functionality.

Additional components such as Holder Plates to attach devices to the mounts can be found in the Components section.

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Bolt-on Desk Mount
DBM: The Bolt-on Desk Mount is the ideal solution when the most stable option is required to moun..
Ex VAT: £180.00
Clamp Desk Mount
CDM: Adjustable angle, allows a Communication Aid to be used on a desk at the same angle as..
Ex VAT: £225.00
Desk Mount
DM. The standard Daessy Deskmount is the ideal companion to the range of DaeSSy Wheelchair Mounts, a..
Ex VAT: £215.00
Large Desk Mount
DML: A larger version of the Daessy Deskmount designed to hold larger Eye Gaze devices. Available..
Ex VAT: £230.00
Vertical Desk Stand
VDS: A taller deskmount for larger devices. Central position of upright tubing prov..
Ex VAT: £290.00
Folding Desk Stand
XDS: A desk stand designed to fold into a compact shape for easier storage and transport. C..
Ex VAT: £425.00